Leann’s Biomom is a low IQ stalker.

After reading “Encyclopedia Dramatica: Ilana Angel @ https://t.co/FBGegjh9ee, I realized that excellent research could be done with just a little time and effort and a tiny bit of hacking.  If you have ever seen the show “Catfish” then you know that there are all kinds of pathetic lunatics out there, pretending to be someone they are not.  So I did some advanced research and was able to discover the identity of Leannesbiomom actual Biological Mother, and have posted her photo above in the header.  I thought she might be a hot mess, but this is pitiful.  How can we not see this dim-witted stalker in a new light from this point forward?  What are the odds, genetically speaking, (never mind the environmental factors) of Leannsbiomom having an I.Q. in the double digits and a full set of teeth? Let’s just say they are not good.

  My Mom has been deceased since I was a child.  I have lovely memories of her, however.  If some fat, redneck with no teeth started a social media account talking crap about my mother, I would not rest until they were thrown off twitter.  Leann is used to these losers at the game of life, but there are people on social media like myself, who find this appalling and cannot understand why somebody with a garbage mouth who tweets out hideous and non-sensical insults ranging from “You Stole the words Jingle Jangle from Bojangle’s Fried Chicken!”to the “c” word, tweeting about her womb, her husband and literally every word she says.  Including Happy Thanksgiving. Day after day, year after year, this buddy of Ilana Angel, another twisted stalker, belittles Leann Rime’s mother on a daily basis.  I am hopeful that Leann’s mother knows nothing about it and Leann has it blocked, but why should this hideous hag be allowed to say horrible, hateful things about Leann Rimes while parodying her mother on twitter when other people get thrown off for saying somebody has a unibrow and a drinking problem.  I am not on twitter, but if I were I would like to ask the twitter police how come this dirty thug is allowed to cyberbully somebody for years and get away with it.  I thought twitter was trying to clean up it’s act by kicking off the cyber bullies.  This mongoloid is still going at it.  So is Ilana Angel.  What gives?

Anyway, back to my original story.  The biological mother of @Leannsbiomom is named Perdy Holleran and other than a few DUI’s, moon shining arrests, and indecent exposure, she seems to have no other criminal convictions.  There is one thing on her police record that hints at prostitution and some sort of sexual activity with a lawn chair, but I think she went to a psychiatric facility for that charge and it was expunged.    The father of Leannsbiomother is unknown although Ms.Holleran’s brother is suspected.  Perdy had the following thing to say when I called her to interview her for this article: She was only too happy to discuss her daughter.

I’ll tell you what I think of that ungrateful lardass, my one and only daughter who is too busy to visit her Momma because she be havin’ an impotent job on the google machine! She  sits around on her fat ass on one of them herpes tubes all day and pretends to be Patsy Cline’s mother or some such tomfoolery!  Of course, she went right onto welfare when she was 18 and then onto disability, on account of the chafing of her thighs made it hard for her to walk and wear cutoffs.  When I had her I was havin’ problems with my own lady bits  the midwife said I needed to have a small baby.  So, I smoked four packs a Camels a day and whaddu know!  She weighed one anna half pounds!  Well, I’ll be danged if she didn’t weigh one hundred pounds when she was six!  All she eats are Do-ritos and beef jerkey and Happy Meals. She’s so ugly she makes a Happy meal sad. Get’s that from her father. She drinks wine from the gas-station all day and leaves her empties all over the floor of the trailer that I let her live in.  She keeps promisin’ she is gonna turn them bottles into pretty wind chimes  and sell them to pay me rent, but she never does. Did i tell you she hadda husband once?  She sure did! The only thing he was good for was cheatin’ and drinkin’.  I tole her she should ass kicked his ass to the holler when he started making her wear a bag over her head and call herself Dolly Rimes. But she don’t listen to me, what do I know? He sure did like that pretty blonde singer, whats-her-name- Leann Presley?  He ran off with a skinny little thing that looked just like her.  Miss-know-it-all ain’t ever been the same since.  She walked eight miles to the Walmart and traded favors for a google machine, and that’s all she does now.  Say mean things about that country singer Reba Rimes or whatever her name is. She don’t even take time to go to the outhouse, she sits in a kiddie pool and empties it once a month. I’m not gonna even talk about the flies.  She uses flypaper for a doo rag,I think she might be crazier than a bed bug.  I don’t know what else to tell ya, it kinda churns my stomach to think about her, she being such a disappointment and all.”

~ And that folks, is what a little research can reveal about a twitter stalker.  They are bound to leave a trail of breadcrumbs, and so now we know all we need to know (and more) about @leannsbiomom.  She makes fun of people’s mothers (shame) and is obsessed with Leann Rimes to the point where her tweets don’t even make sense.  But it does give one a glimpse into what can cause an individual to have a complete psychotic break from reality and fixate on a celebrity.  We see these kind of people getting arrested more and more frequently.  Allegedly.

Any of you graduate students out there who would like to use any portion of this missive in your thesis please feel free to contact:

Ilana Angel

Department of Volunteers and Whores  @the Jewish Journal.  I figure she is already deciding what people can or cannot post, and she is the master of lies and self-aggrandizement.  So you may direct all your compliments and or requests to her. She can usually be found in a West Hollywood nail salon with Lamar Odom and the Low Information Alleged rump-rangers, Inc. also known as L.I.A.R.S.