Ilana Angel is a hypocritical, crazy stalker of Leann Rimes and needs to be fired.

to whom it may concern:  (Were that it concerned the Jewish Journal.)


Ilana Angel has taken her obsession with Leann Rimes to a new low.  Leann hasn’t been tweeting much socially, but Ilana still wants to make up a story that people will click on, so she posts this idiotic and insulting diatribe called, “Leann Rimes and social media. ”  Frankly I couldn’t get through the whole thing, but if a person were to read this and then go over to Leann Rimes timeline they would be thoroughly confused.

Ilana goes ballistic when somebody opens a parody account about her.  It’s alright for LeAnn to have dozens of them which are filthy, including one that is called Leann’s bio Mom, but Ilana freaks if somebody makes one about her.  I made one not too long ago called Ivaanaschmear , and made like three tweets about how obsessed Ilana was with LeAnn Rimes, and she went ballistic claiming that I was a very dangerous person, that i was putting her job at risk, and everybody should report me.  Then she gloated that she got me kicked off twitter.  Which, of course, was not true because I did not say anything in poor taste or that was viscous, just pointed out how filled with hate she was, and how obsessed she was.  She had to endure it ONE DAY.  And she was crying like a baby.  However, it is o.k. for her to constantly write blogs about what a mentally challenged person LeAnn is and how Ilana is so important that Leann is stalking her with her twitter minions.  First of all I know who her twitter minions are, and the people she mentioned in the article aren’t them.  Good detective work, Ilana.  Secondly, Ilana Angel has fallen so low on the reality show blogs that the only way she can get a hit is to use Leann Rime’s name.  That is why she does it.   Know it.

Here is what is really going on with Ilana.  She is a lonely old cat lady who writes hateful blogs about reality shows.  And Leann Rimes.  She claims it is her job to write about Leann Rimes, but it is not.  Anyway, when Leann and Eddie got together she finally found somebody that she could attack instead of attacking those around her, which would be in defiance of a restraining order her husband’s stepmother has against her.  Her husband left her for another woman, and since she can’t take it out on the woman, she takes it out on Leann Rimes.  Has since the beginning of the relationship.  She began to try to worm her way into Brandi Glanville’s life by writing tweets knocking Leann which she thought would get her noticed by Brandi Glanville.  And it did.  They were friends for a short period of time and had lunch together.  Ilana had to wear a Depends she was so excited.  But she must have given off a vibe of crazy because Brandi stopped associating with her.  The past two years she has been flatter-tweeting Ms. Gamble from RHOMelbourne.  Ms. Gamble lapped it it, and Ilana made the trip of a lifetime to go over to Australia to meet her new friend.  She lives a life so consumed with hate and obsession that I fear it will hamper her hope to beat cancer.  Hatred is not a good thing to focus on when you are trying to restore your body.  hatred is a cancer that eats you from the inside out.  If she were truly a religious person she would already know that and not have to be told.  She even tweeted about Leann when she was getting chemo.  I mean, who does this to a person they have never met, and only know what has been said in the tabloids?  She claims to know that Eddie cheats on her, but she just says that to be mean, she doesn’t have the faintest clue what is going on in their marriage.  She makes fun of Eddie’s looks and employment, when she should know how difficult it is to be a working actor.  She claims all kinds of things that aren’t real, and she writes stories about things that did not happen, like her fake story about meeting a prostitute in a nail salon and talking about what a whore Leann is.  It is a hoot, because that article lays out what a nut she is.  She tries all kinds of online dating sites, and it is sad that she is that lonely.  And anybody who doesn’t agree with her must be Leann Rimes.  I am Leann Rimes.  Of course.   not.

I will tell you who I am, I am a mother of a beautiful daughter Leann’s age who has the same psoriasis condition and that is how I came upon her was through fundraising efforts.  And as a mother with her head on straight, I would never talk bad a bout a young woman and go so far as to make lies up about her fertility, her menstrual cycle, her music,

her friends or lack there of, Just the most vulgar and relentless attacks imaginable.  How she hasn’t gotten sued I will never know.  She snuck into one of Leann’s concerts and hid in the backseat of a car and crashed one of the boy’s birthday parties in a gated, secure community.  Does that sound healthy to you?  Does that sound normal?  That this old bag, who looks like a troll, would criticize Leann’s looks, her talent and her family life non-stop for five years.  She claims she works for the Jewish Journal, but she can’t support herself with that chump change so she relies on alimony. She is a bitter, mean old bag who can’t take .00001% of what she dishes out to others.  She has no life of her own so she lives vicariously through others.  She is a vulgar phony who is upset that there is a parody account of her right now.  It’s not fair!  It will hurt my writing career! Blah, blah, blah, what a crybaby.  Nobody reads her column you can tell by retweets and mentions.  She has two fans.  All people who are obsessed with Leann Rimes as well.  When do you become mentally well after a divorce, Ilana?  Never?  You live in a state of bitterness and hate, you make things up about people that aren’t true and you are a truly bad writer.  Every one of your blogs sounds thae same.  By that, of course I mean that your blogs are boring.  And so is your boyfriend Jose Cuervo.  So funny, the world forgot to laugh.  Know it.  Get lost.

Leann is a child star who is not a drug addict, not a sad case like Kim Richards, and so many other child stars before her.  She divorced and is on her second marriage.  I thought the whole purpose of the gay rights movement was that we should be free to love who we love.  Many other celebrity marriages have broken up from cheating, but this is the only one that she focuses on.  Ilana is mentally ill.   She needs to look at what she is putting out into the universe and take inventory of herself.  There is no time like the present, when she is battling cancer.   ~ instead she becomes downright unhinged when she gets a taste of her own medicine.  Leann is in her early thirties.  For all she knows, they are very nice people.  Because she knows nothing except for what she makes up in her head.  You throw everything you have to break Leann Rimes.  And all she does is tweet positive quotes and interact with her fans.  Grow up.  Shut up.  And find something to blog about that is more interesting.  It is getting really old.  You are out of material and you were five years ago.  If my daughter had a stalker like you, I would take you down.  You are the ultimate bitch and the ultimate hypocrite.  Waaa Waaa!  There is a parody account!  report them!  For what?  Why don’t you report Leann’s Bio-Mom, one of the sickest, most twisted stalkers out there.  You both spend 24 hrs. a day thinking about Leann Rimes.  What does that say about you?