Nasty, lying,crazy-ass,drunk,blogging mongoloid.


Leann Rimes and her husband Eddie Cibrian are perfect for each other and I always find it interesting when people speak ill of their relationship.   Nobody speaks ill of them except me.   They are with their soul mates unnecessary verbiage.  soul mates and I wish them a lifetime of miserable darkness, which is how I would describe their lives together.Isn’t that just the worst thing to say to two people who you have never met?? They are angry, bitter, cheating, moronic, simpletons, just like my ex-husband and I can say whatever I want because this is the United States of America.  Never mind that I gave my word that I would never write about them again, I lied.  I cannot stop obsessing over them,  and my opinion is my own based on, by that of course I mean that i read it in the tabloids like the ones that have been saying Jennifer Aniston is pregnant for over ten years now.

They (Leann and Eddie) have thirteen haters, and we have a great time.  We insult them endlessly, saying the most grotesque things about them and we don’t get thrown off twitter.  But should anybody accuse me of being a drunk with a unibrow, they get thrown off immediately because they are endangering my career, my life, my job, my cat and my snickerdoodle.

I write about them even though I have nothing new to say, and no new insult to hurl, but because it might get me some hits as my blog never does.  I am using them for publicity, and is working out great for me.   Nobody cares about their divorce or life together.  Whenever my idol Brandi is brought up, there is 100% sympathy for the annoyance  Eddie Cibrian feels every time he gets four hundred e-mails from Brandy a day and a monthly hate blog from me.   I am actually convincing people that Leann and Eddie have been mischaracterized , and for all we know they are delightful people.  Remember, I wish them a lifetime of miserable darkness.  That is how much I hate them.  This hate fills me and makes me very sick inside, but I don’t care, I must continue my one man crusade against them, and I will not stop until they are destroyed.    Posting a family Christmas card was the last straw!  The stepchildren should have been removed from the picture lest anybody think that Leann gave birth tho them!  No more holiday photos.  The kids will feel a lot better if you ask them to get out of the picture and go stand over there.

They are simple minded, because they are both fascinating and entertaining.(wtf?)  I however am a riveting writer of pop culture, and I expose every living whore, which would be just about all females.  It’s my job to write about them said NO ONE EVER.  

I met with El Chapo in a nail salon in West Hollywood, and we just threw our heads back and laughed and laughed at Leann Rimes.  Why they have tried to have me arrested! (LIE)

They have sent me cease and desist letters like any normal bullied couple would do, but they can’t stop me because they abide in miserable darkness and cannot see!  I know all about what they do in private, what Eddie does every single minute of the day,  I know how much he works and doesn’t work, and I know , of course that he is still in live with Brandi.  Just like my ex-husband Stephen who has a restraining order out on me.   I send Schnickerdoodle outside of their estate with stuff from the spy store and once he got a picture of them taking out the GARBAGE!   Sometimes I wonder why it was never a goal to send Snicks to a four year college instead of letting him stay home and be a loser.  But he knows that I can’t live without him, such a wonderful bo

They support social media accounts that have threatened my life, and encouraged others who have made it their goal to discredit, humiliate, endanger, scare, or hurt me. At the end of the day they are simply bad people both together, and apart. I am good people, however, because nothing I say can be construed as hateful, unnecessary, absurd, fictitious, idiotic, drivel. I am always right, and I have never been wrong.  And I never stop harassing somebody once I stop.   We  are talking about sociopathic and pathological liars here people!  I tell the truth, like the time I talked with a prostitute and she asked my to stop calling me a whore because she gives whores a bad name!  I also tried to get more hits

by writing my true story about my extremely personal encounter with Lamar Odom.  They fascinate only me, and the fact that I say the same thing over and over and over and over and over, really excites my 7 fans.  I think everybody should recycle.  Di

They could not care less about anything I write, so in an attempt to help them, I thought I’d share d I point out  a few things to shed light on their darkness. By help them of course I mean they cannot be helped because we are dealing pathological and sociopathic liars, allegedly, so they won’t learn anything, simply continue to fascinate us. Did  I mention that they have evil darkness?  Don’t be fooled by their smiling faces and positive quotes on social media, they are really living in a dark, dark, place doing things they love, and that pisses me off!


Leann’s trolls will wonder why I write about her at all, and if we’re going to be honest, part of why I bother is because I am mentally ill and have no life.   It sends her into a rage, which I get a kick out of. She fumes, calls her troops to attack (she has no troops) all the while insisting she doesn’t know who I am and has never read my work. Classic. Everybody knows who I am.  Just go stand in any airport in the world and watch people come up to me and say, “Are you THE Ilana Angel? ” “They make the world a better place!”

She quotes me and copies my tweets, which is flattering (This has never happened, just look for yourself.  If you read my blogs with any regularity you know I am currently having a love affair with Jose Cuervo.Get it? It’s Tequila.  Isn’t it witty?   I write about him often and even credit him for my work.And now  Leann has started to profess her love for tequila. It is pathetic and sad, but fascinating on a lot of my own mental health issues that I think I am the only person who likes Tequila.  Besides I’m a drunk.   It is smart to  get drunk every night even when on chemo.  No green juice for me! And the only way you would catch me in a gym would be if I accidentally ran into one when I was drunk driving.

Some days I feel bad for myself, but most days I rave on and on about Leann Rimes, a woman I have never met., even though we have a serious relationship going on.  Brandi is selfish, , naïve, and unkind when it comes to the well being of her children.  Brandi is only reacting to the pain of Leann’s family photos when she calls her kids dI**s and a**holes.  She is just licking her wounds when she posts pictures of them in their underwear and talks about their bed wetting to the entire universe!  It is the pain of seeing Leann and Eddie on a boat having a nice day that causes her to show close ups of her fake boobs and rectum and send drunken vile e-mails to other people as well.  She sends Eddie 50 a day.  No wonder he never read her e-mail about possting pictures of her kids during holidays.  Even though Eddie did not lie.  He said she never talked to Leann about it which was true.  He was in his darkness bubble of hate when he finally had enough of her pathetic lies and called her out on them.

I hate Eddie Cibrian even more than I  hate Leann!  Because I know so much about him!  He most certainly is not a private person!  He has no balls and I saw his income tax returns this year.

These two lovely boys will grow up one day and they will see everything Brandi has said about their father. They will choose to not associate with her. It is coming. They will always love their dad of course so he will be unscathed, but it is Brandi who will bear the brunt of all of her selfish behavior, and slandering of their father and stepmother that they love.  They won’t even wait until they are fifteen to jump ship and get legal counsel.  She destroyed her marriage and her children with her filthy mouth, and the kids are so lucky they have a stable home where there is no bitterness, just love, to make up for all that she puts them through.

Cibrian  cheated on one woman because he was unhappily married. Rimes cheated on her husband, and they fell in love at first sight.  His marriage was already destroyed by her infidelity when she brought women home for threesomes. The act of a very desperate woman trying to cling on to a husband that she knew no longer loved her, if he ever did.  Any adult woman knows that this is the dumbest thing you can do if you are trying to hang on to your marriage which is already  hanging by a thread.  It takes two people to break up a marriage.  A successful marriage built on love cannot be broken by anybody, and that is a fact.  Dean Sheremet admits as much, but then again he has gotten on with his life, remarried and has a successful career.  Brandi got fired from the best job she ever will stumble upon because she was so hateful and vulgar that the network that promotes hatred and vulgarity could take no more!  That is quite an accomplishment.   She is now starring in a vulgar tampon commercial which I suppose is to amuse people on utube, although the reviews are all negative.   This was the big acting gig she was bragging about.  Big news is that she will be bankrupt within the year.  She invested 25% of her own money in her shitty wine which is a complete failure, and the rest she blew.

Leann Rimes has much love in her life,  and I have none.  Unless you count my kitties and potted plants. She is not doing too badly for a child star, it looks like she beat the odds in that department.  Leann is ugly and has unfortunate bone structure, but I ma a raving beauty. add in her unfortunate bone structure,  My mental illness  is a recipe for disaster. Allegedly. If you listen closely you may be able to hear her head explode as she reads this. Shhh, wait for it, boom.

Writing blogs about Leann Rimes is fun. I find her fascinating and even though she will attack, like rabid dogs do, those she has lash out are a pathetic group. They’ll photo shop pics of me to include a penis or two,(Ah, honey those shots of your face were not photoshopped I promise you.)share my address, post my phone number, write about my child, my Schnickerdoodle!   Can you imagine somebody talking about a child that does not belong to them on social media?  The horror!

That’s the thing about Ms. Rimes and her minions,( I love the Minions)  they understand that I am stupid. Bless their hearts. I will ride out the storm, as I always do, knowing in the end I’m just doing my job.My job is to write about reality t.v. but I have amended it to include stalking Leann rimes.  I write about celebrities, even if they are more important in their minds than ours. My blogs about Leann are more interesting than Leann because they are fiction and that is fun for me.

So why bother writing about her if I’m not going to elaborate on the things she did worth mentioning? Well, this is an experiment, specifically written for a chapter in my book about the unfortunate girl. Allegedly. You’ll have to read it now, understand it later, and trust me when I tell you this is gold and I am keeping it real.  I understand GESSIEWTF has completed her first chapter on me, as well.



Leann’s Biomom is a low IQ stalker.

After reading “Encyclopedia Dramatica: Ilana Angel @, I realized that excellent research could be done with just a little time and effort and a tiny bit of hacking.  If you have ever seen the show “Catfish” then you know that there are all kinds of pathetic lunatics out there, pretending to be someone they are not.  So I did some advanced research and was able to discover the identity of Leannesbiomom actual Biological Mother, and have posted her photo above in the header.  I thought she might be a hot mess, but this is pitiful.  How can we not see this dim-witted stalker in a new light from this point forward?  What are the odds, genetically speaking, (never mind the environmental factors) of Leannsbiomom having an I.Q. in the double digits and a full set of teeth? Let’s just say they are not good.

  My Mom has been deceased since I was a child.  I have lovely memories of her, however.  If some fat, redneck with no teeth started a social media account talking crap about my mother, I would not rest until they were thrown off twitter.  Leann is used to these losers at the game of life, but there are people on social media like myself, who find this appalling and cannot understand why somebody with a garbage mouth who tweets out hideous and non-sensical insults ranging from “You Stole the words Jingle Jangle from Bojangle’s Fried Chicken!”to the “c” word, tweeting about her womb, her husband and literally every word she says.  Including Happy Thanksgiving. Day after day, year after year, this buddy of Ilana Angel, another twisted stalker, belittles Leann Rime’s mother on a daily basis.  I am hopeful that Leann’s mother knows nothing about it and Leann has it blocked, but why should this hideous hag be allowed to say horrible, hateful things about Leann Rimes while parodying her mother on twitter when other people get thrown off for saying somebody has a unibrow and a drinking problem.  I am not on twitter, but if I were I would like to ask the twitter police how come this dirty thug is allowed to cyberbully somebody for years and get away with it.  I thought twitter was trying to clean up it’s act by kicking off the cyber bullies.  This mongoloid is still going at it.  So is Ilana Angel.  What gives?

Anyway, back to my original story.  The biological mother of @Leannsbiomom is named Perdy Holleran and other than a few DUI’s, moon shining arrests, and indecent exposure, she seems to have no other criminal convictions.  There is one thing on her police record that hints at prostitution and some sort of sexual activity with a lawn chair, but I think she went to a psychiatric facility for that charge and it was expunged.    The father of Leannsbiomother is unknown although Ms.Holleran’s brother is suspected.  Perdy had the following thing to say when I called her to interview her for this article: She was only too happy to discuss her daughter.

I’ll tell you what I think of that ungrateful lardass, my one and only daughter who is too busy to visit her Momma because she be havin’ an impotent job on the google machine! She  sits around on her fat ass on one of them herpes tubes all day and pretends to be Patsy Cline’s mother or some such tomfoolery!  Of course, she went right onto welfare when she was 18 and then onto disability, on account of the chafing of her thighs made it hard for her to walk and wear cutoffs.  When I had her I was havin’ problems with my own lady bits  the midwife said I needed to have a small baby.  So, I smoked four packs a Camels a day and whaddu know!  She weighed one anna half pounds!  Well, I’ll be danged if she didn’t weigh one hundred pounds when she was six!  All she eats are Do-ritos and beef jerkey and Happy Meals. She’s so ugly she makes a Happy meal sad. Get’s that from her father. She drinks wine from the gas-station all day and leaves her empties all over the floor of the trailer that I let her live in.  She keeps promisin’ she is gonna turn them bottles into pretty wind chimes  and sell them to pay me rent, but she never does. Did i tell you she hadda husband once?  She sure did! The only thing he was good for was cheatin’ and drinkin’.  I tole her she should ass kicked his ass to the holler when he started making her wear a bag over her head and call herself Dolly Rimes. But she don’t listen to me, what do I know? He sure did like that pretty blonde singer, whats-her-name- Leann Presley?  He ran off with a skinny little thing that looked just like her.  Miss-know-it-all ain’t ever been the same since.  She walked eight miles to the Walmart and traded favors for a google machine, and that’s all she does now.  Say mean things about that country singer Reba Rimes or whatever her name is. She don’t even take time to go to the outhouse, she sits in a kiddie pool and empties it once a month. I’m not gonna even talk about the flies.  She uses flypaper for a doo rag,I think she might be crazier than a bed bug.  I don’t know what else to tell ya, it kinda churns my stomach to think about her, she being such a disappointment and all.”

~ And that folks, is what a little research can reveal about a twitter stalker.  They are bound to leave a trail of breadcrumbs, and so now we know all we need to know (and more) about @leannsbiomom.  She makes fun of people’s mothers (shame) and is obsessed with Leann Rimes to the point where her tweets don’t even make sense.  But it does give one a glimpse into what can cause an individual to have a complete psychotic break from reality and fixate on a celebrity.  We see these kind of people getting arrested more and more frequently.  Allegedly.

Any of you graduate students out there who would like to use any portion of this missive in your thesis please feel free to contact:

Ilana Angel

Department of Volunteers and Whores  @the Jewish Journal.  I figure she is already deciding what people can or cannot post, and she is the master of lies and self-aggrandizement.  So you may direct all your compliments and or requests to her. She can usually be found in a West Hollywood nail salon with Lamar Odom and the Low Information Alleged rump-rangers, Inc. also known as L.I.A.R.S.

Ilana Angel is a hypocritical, crazy stalker of Leann Rimes and needs to be fired.

to whom it may concern:  (Were that it concerned the Jewish Journal.)


Ilana Angel has taken her obsession with Leann Rimes to a new low.  Leann hasn’t been tweeting much socially, but Ilana still wants to make up a story that people will click on, so she posts this idiotic and insulting diatribe called, “Leann Rimes and social media. ”  Frankly I couldn’t get through the whole thing, but if a person were to read this and then go over to Leann Rimes timeline they would be thoroughly confused.

Ilana goes ballistic when somebody opens a parody account about her.  It’s alright for LeAnn to have dozens of them which are filthy, including one that is called Leann’s bio Mom, but Ilana freaks if somebody makes one about her.  I made one not too long ago called Ivaanaschmear , and made like three tweets about how obsessed Ilana was with LeAnn Rimes, and she went ballistic claiming that I was a very dangerous person, that i was putting her job at risk, and everybody should report me.  Then she gloated that she got me kicked off twitter.  Which, of course, was not true because I did not say anything in poor taste or that was viscous, just pointed out how filled with hate she was, and how obsessed she was.  She had to endure it ONE DAY.  And she was crying like a baby.  However, it is o.k. for her to constantly write blogs about what a mentally challenged person LeAnn is and how Ilana is so important that Leann is stalking her with her twitter minions.  First of all I know who her twitter minions are, and the people she mentioned in the article aren’t them.  Good detective work, Ilana.  Secondly, Ilana Angel has fallen so low on the reality show blogs that the only way she can get a hit is to use Leann Rime’s name.  That is why she does it.   Know it.

Here is what is really going on with Ilana.  She is a lonely old cat lady who writes hateful blogs about reality shows.  And Leann Rimes.  She claims it is her job to write about Leann Rimes, but it is not.  Anyway, when Leann and Eddie got together she finally found somebody that she could attack instead of attacking those around her, which would be in defiance of a restraining order her husband’s stepmother has against her.  Her husband left her for another woman, and since she can’t take it out on the woman, she takes it out on Leann Rimes.  Has since the beginning of the relationship.  She began to try to worm her way into Brandi Glanville’s life by writing tweets knocking Leann which she thought would get her noticed by Brandi Glanville.  And it did.  They were friends for a short period of time and had lunch together.  Ilana had to wear a Depends she was so excited.  But she must have given off a vibe of crazy because Brandi stopped associating with her.  The past two years she has been flatter-tweeting Ms. Gamble from RHOMelbourne.  Ms. Gamble lapped it it, and Ilana made the trip of a lifetime to go over to Australia to meet her new friend.  She lives a life so consumed with hate and obsession that I fear it will hamper her hope to beat cancer.  Hatred is not a good thing to focus on when you are trying to restore your body.  hatred is a cancer that eats you from the inside out.  If she were truly a religious person she would already know that and not have to be told.  She even tweeted about Leann when she was getting chemo.  I mean, who does this to a person they have never met, and only know what has been said in the tabloids?  She claims to know that Eddie cheats on her, but she just says that to be mean, she doesn’t have the faintest clue what is going on in their marriage.  She makes fun of Eddie’s looks and employment, when she should know how difficult it is to be a working actor.  She claims all kinds of things that aren’t real, and she writes stories about things that did not happen, like her fake story about meeting a prostitute in a nail salon and talking about what a whore Leann is.  It is a hoot, because that article lays out what a nut she is.  She tries all kinds of online dating sites, and it is sad that she is that lonely.  And anybody who doesn’t agree with her must be Leann Rimes.  I am Leann Rimes.  Of course.   not.

I will tell you who I am, I am a mother of a beautiful daughter Leann’s age who has the same psoriasis condition and that is how I came upon her was through fundraising efforts.  And as a mother with her head on straight, I would never talk bad a bout a young woman and go so far as to make lies up about her fertility, her menstrual cycle, her music,

her friends or lack there of, Just the most vulgar and relentless attacks imaginable.  How she hasn’t gotten sued I will never know.  She snuck into one of Leann’s concerts and hid in the backseat of a car and crashed one of the boy’s birthday parties in a gated, secure community.  Does that sound healthy to you?  Does that sound normal?  That this old bag, who looks like a troll, would criticize Leann’s looks, her talent and her family life non-stop for five years.  She claims she works for the Jewish Journal, but she can’t support herself with that chump change so she relies on alimony. She is a bitter, mean old bag who can’t take .00001% of what she dishes out to others.  She has no life of her own so she lives vicariously through others.  She is a vulgar phony who is upset that there is a parody account of her right now.  It’s not fair!  It will hurt my writing career! Blah, blah, blah, what a crybaby.  Nobody reads her column you can tell by retweets and mentions.  She has two fans.  All people who are obsessed with Leann Rimes as well.  When do you become mentally well after a divorce, Ilana?  Never?  You live in a state of bitterness and hate, you make things up about people that aren’t true and you are a truly bad writer.  Every one of your blogs sounds thae same.  By that, of course I mean that your blogs are boring.  And so is your boyfriend Jose Cuervo.  So funny, the world forgot to laugh.  Know it.  Get lost.

Leann is a child star who is not a drug addict, not a sad case like Kim Richards, and so many other child stars before her.  She divorced and is on her second marriage.  I thought the whole purpose of the gay rights movement was that we should be free to love who we love.  Many other celebrity marriages have broken up from cheating, but this is the only one that she focuses on.  Ilana is mentally ill.   She needs to look at what she is putting out into the universe and take inventory of herself.  There is no time like the present, when she is battling cancer.   ~ instead she becomes downright unhinged when she gets a taste of her own medicine.  Leann is in her early thirties.  For all she knows, they are very nice people.  Because she knows nothing except for what she makes up in her head.  You throw everything you have to break Leann Rimes.  And all she does is tweet positive quotes and interact with her fans.  Grow up.  Shut up.  And find something to blog about that is more interesting.  It is getting really old.  You are out of material and you were five years ago.  If my daughter had a stalker like you, I would take you down.  You are the ultimate bitch and the ultimate hypocrite.  Waaa Waaa!  There is a parody account!  report them!  For what?  Why don’t you report Leann’s Bio-Mom, one of the sickest, most twisted stalkers out there.  You both spend 24 hrs. a day thinking about Leann Rimes.  What does that say about you?

Truth, Justice and the American F***ing Way

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